in the KIDZONE

KidZone is our amazing kids ministry that is designed to be CLEAN, SAFE, and FUN. As you experience worship in our main auditorium, your children will be enjoying their own awesome experience, which is designed with them in mind! We minister to kids from birth through fifth grade.

All of our KidZone team members have completed a background check, and many of them are teachers in our local school system. Each child is registered and checked-in with our automated system, so that we can ensure they are safe.

Our team of KidZone staff love kids, and enjoy seeing their lives impacted. If you would like to be a part of our awesome team of leaders, we invite you to come talk about how you can be a part of the fun!

We warmly welcome Sarah to King’s Cross. She encourages your questions, suggestions and participation as a volunteer!


We believe that what children learn on Sunday should carry them into their Monday through Friday. We want them to know they are safe, God loves them, and there are adults in their lives that they can trust to be consistent, trustworthy and God-seeking. Our Orange curriculum creates this in age-appropriate activities, songs, video testimonies and Bible stories. It also provides information for parents to continue these ideas at home - in the car, at school, around the dinner table. This way, the church (yellow) partners with the family (red) to create a combined influence (orange) in the lives of the children entrusted to us.


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Meet at Splash Island

Cost is $5/person; 2 and under are free. (At least one parent must stay with your child(ren).)

At 3pm we will walk over to Imagination Station for ice cream sandwiches and drinks.

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Come meet Sarah!

Lunch is provided. This is for all volunteers in the Faith Steps and KidZone ministries. Come hear Sarah’s heart and vision for the children’s ministry of King’s Cross.